Throughout its history, Northshore Concert Band has been widely-regarded as a leader in the development of community bands across the nation. In addition to performances, recordings, and the sponsorship of three adult band conferences, NCB also published a comprehensive how-to guide called The Community Band: A Manual of Organization and Operation, which has been used to start or improve many community bands in the United States since 1982.

In 2003 the Northshore Concert Band presented a clinic session at the Midwest Clinic entitled "The Successful Community Band: Strategies On and Off the Podium" at which attendees received a CD-ROM containing over 150 pages of written resources and sample documents pertaining to the administration of adult bands. Included are NCB's constitution and by-laws, personnel policies, sample grant proposals and fundraising letters, marketing materials, an extensive audience development plan, incorporation and tax information, volunteer structure, and a booklet written by John Paynter in 1977, titled The Community Band: A Manual of Organization and Operation.

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